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► The best small electric cars of 2023
► Our guide to the UK’s top compact EVs
► Plus our buying advice

Electric cars are within reach of more drivers than ever before. Manufacturers began their shift to electrification by fitting motors to big SUVs and saloons with higher prices and larger margins. But now there’s a wide range of small EVs to get excited about, and compact electric cars make a lot of sense.

They can be fitted with smaller batteries, weigh less overall, have lower prices, and with the nippy performance of electric motors are the perfect way to zip in and out of city traffic, silently and while producing zero tailpipe emissions.

Prices are still higher than the equivalent petrol car, but parity edges closer every year, and already a wide range of manufacturers offer small EVs, from Mini and Renault, to Honda, BMW, Fiat and more. In this guide, we will disclose our pick of the best small electric cars 2023.

Range is the WLTP estimate provided by each manufacturer.

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The only real drawback is that you won’t get as much range from a small electric car, but this won’t matter for most drivers as these vehicles tend to cover shorter journeys anyway. If you’ve got your own off-street parking, charging will never be an issue.

The best small electric cars in 2023

Read on for our guide to the best compact EVs – or you can jump straight to the cars you’re interested in using the links below:

Mini ElectricRead our review of the Mini Electric here

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Mercedes EQABMW iX3’s £60k asking price. Add in a competitive range, and it gets easier and easier to ignore the Mercedes’ dull looks.

Read our review of the Mercedes EQA

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Honda ERead our Honda e reviewView Honda e lease deals

Renault ZoeRead our Renault Zoe review

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Peugeot e-208Corsa-e, which is Vauxhall’s take on what is essentially the same car.

Read our Peugeot e-208 review

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Fiat 500

Fiat 500
  • From £20,995
  • Range: 118 miles

The latest-generation Fiat 500 has gone electric only, but on the face of it the entry-level version’s 118 miles of range looks quite stingy in comparison to the other cars on the list. However, that’s from the ‘City Range’ 24kWh battery; upgrade to the ‘Long Range’ 42kWh unit and you’ll be looking at a much healthier 199 miles, albeit having added about £5,000 to the purchase price.

Go for the latter and you’ll get a more powerful motor thrown in, delivering 116bhp and a 0-62mph time of around nine seconds. Crucially it’s the first half of that sprint where the 500 is quickest, and as a city car it’s where most drivers will appreciate its acceleration the most. It handles like a 500 should and the interior is exactly what you’d expect: chic and plasticy. In a good way. Speedy 85kW charging capability means a 30-mile top-up takes five minutes and filling the battery to 80% takes as little as 35 minutes.

Read our Fiat 500 review View Fiat 500 lease deals

Do you agree with our choice of the best small electric cars 2023? Be sure to sound off in the comments below!

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